(Pre-Order) Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Concrete

(Pre-Order) Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Concrete

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Hydraulic Diamond Wire Saw Machine is used to cut concrete, granite, rock, walls and beams in construction of bridges, roads and tunnels. It is necessary for cutting and removing reinforced concrete such as bridge sections, jetties, columns, beams and mining rocks.
Product Features:

1. Hydraulic-driven, Diamond Wire Saw Machine can work in different situations.
2. It's made of hard materials. The wedges are running stability. Long surviving life.
3. Powerful cutting ability, it can split the stone or concrete easily with no cutting depth limitation.
4. High Efficiency, and it's easy and comfortable to operate and maintain.


Model DWS-25
Wire Saw Machine Pump Station
Max Power 25Kw
Motor Cooling Method Air Cooling
Rated Voltage 380V / 50HZ
Pressure stages 3
Max Operating Pressure 200 Bar / 20Mpa
Oil Flow Rate 30-80 L/min
Dimensions 600*650*1050mm
Weight 180Kg
Wire Saw Frame
Motor Quantity 2 pcs
Max. Rope Storage 12m
Rope 15m
Length 1050mm
Width 700mm
Height 2100mm
Drive Wheel Diameter 280mm
Rope Storage Pulley Diameter 200mm
Weight 110Kg


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