Jetrack Motorized Zip Blinds

Jetrack Motorized Zip Blinds

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Singapore is a land scarce country and the built apartments are smaller nowadays with the outdoor balcony taking some of the space away for comfort. Why not reclaim the precious area by installing our personalisable Jetrack Zip Blinds systems so you may enjoy the fully enclosed balcony in privacy. We tested and manufactured locally for Singapore homes with a 5 years warranty for all our products so that you may be rest assured of its performance and quality.

Jetrack Blinds System is the latest innovation that was introduced into Singapore Market in the past couple of years meant for outdoor use like Balcony, Patio etc. Jetrack’s Blinds System offers all weather protections against all elements and UV protection and privacy for home owners.

Jetrack Blinds System uses the two side channels to help hold the fused zip fabrics in place and with heavy duty bottom bar for tension. Each set of the blinds are individually tailored made to ensure there are no gaps in between. We offer both manual and automatic version with remote controls for easier operations.

Why Jetrack System is your perfect Zip Blinds Solution?

1.  Robust in any weather condition

2.  Safety Operation

3.  Quiest Operation

4.  Quality Fabric Manufacture

5.  Remote Control

6.  Trusted by Singaporean

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