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NEWPAGES Referral Programme

There’s a chance for you to help your friends to grow their business!

Connect with NEWPAGES! Grow together with your friends in this digital era.

It is more blessed to give than to receive. When you give this great opportunity to your friends who are struggling on digitalise their business, you will be as well gaining a gold reward from us which is the one voucher worth of RM300, and yet it is per success referral.

Kill two birds with one stone! In other words, you can redeem unlimited RM300 voucher for specific services (T&C applied) as long as every friends you recommended to us have become one of our merchants.

Your friends can even receive special 3 slots of product showcase lite for 3 months that worth RM 1431.

You also can require us to present How "NEWPAGES Marketing Solutions" works for your friends. It would be an honour for us to help in the relationship.

How to refer your friends?
1. Login to your NEWPAGES Merchant System (NMS)
2. On dashboard, open the link of “Recommend a Friend” on top profile section and copy to your friends for signup or you can even provide referred friends’ details by yourself.

NEWPAGES Referral Benefit

After signup, we will contact your friend shortly and present our digital marketing solutions. If the deal is closed with your friends, you will be rewarded the voucher worth of RM300 which can be exchanged / redeemed for specific services (T&C applied).

Please contact with your salesperson for more details on terms & conditions of referral program or you can click here to contact us.