Stanley Mallet Hammer

Stanley Mallet Hammer

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Key Features:
- Plastic tips on this hammer are designed to wear away as they protect the surface being struck
- Replacement is as easy as unscrew off the old tip and screw on the new one
- Forged, high carbon, quality steel head

MM: 35
Inches: 1.3
Box/Ctn: 6/36

A mallet hammer is a type of tool that is commonly used in various industries and tasks.
Mallet hammers are often used in woodworking to drive chisels, carving tools, and other cutting implements. The soft head of the mallet minimizes the risk of damaging the tool's edge or the workpiece.

In metalworking, mallet hammers can be used to shape and manipulate metals without leaving marks or dents. They're useful for forming sheet metal, shaping jewelry, and other delicate tasks.

Mallet hammers are used in construction to drive objects like stakes into the ground, adjust panels or boards into place, and perform other tasks where controlled force is required.

Leatherworkers use mallet hammers to set snaps, rivets, and other fasteners in leather goods. The mallet's soft head prevents damage to the leather while ensuring a secure attachment.

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