Godrej Intelligent Flow Controller
Godrej Intelligent Flow Controller

Godrej Intelligent Flow Controller

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Product Description

When it comes to energy efficiency, every bit of savings gained matter. We realize that many compressed air systems experience fluctuating air pressure when several pneumatic equipment are used intermittently. This create brief moments of artificial air demand that forces the air compressors to consume more energy to maintain a higher system pressure just to keep up with this artificial demand. And this means more energy costs, not to mention an unneeded wear on your compressors!

With the ControlAiR Intelligent Flow Control System developed by Godrej, artificial air demand is nullified by creating a compressed air reservoir storage and isolating the compressors from demand fluctuations. This allows your compressors to operate on reduced loads, translating to a 4% – 25% reduction in energy usage, as well as reducing your compressors’ maintenance costs.
  • Saves Compressed Air Energy by 4~25 % through reduction in Artificial Demand
  • Constant air pressure to pneumatic tools within the range of +/- 1 psig (0.07 barg)
  • Improves the response time of system to meet instantaneous demand
  • Reduction in compressor’s operation and maintenance
  • Reduction in compressed air leakages
  • Works with all brands and types of compressors
  • Payback period between 1 t0 2 years
  • Improves VSD Performance
  • Precise control through 32-bit Intelligent Microprocessor Controller
  • Detects the rate of change of demand to increase/decrease the flow/pressure.
  • Fail-safe operation with fail-to-open flow control modules & additional auto bypass
  • Less than 1 psig / 0.07 barg pressure drop across IFC system at nominal flow
  • Built-in filters & air dryer with automatic condensate drain for instrument quality pilot air
  • Inlet & Outlet headers provided with No-Air Loss automatic condensate drains
  • Power failure Auto-restart facility
  • Analogue input for compressed air flow meter & built-in flow totalizer software as standard
  • Customized Upstream & Downstream Flow Control Systems as per system requirements
  • Available for higher working pressures of 13 / 16 / 40 bar(g)
  • Aesthetically designed ergonomic enclosure
  • ControlAiRTM IFC is a patented product of Godrej
  • Industry 4.0 Ready
Operational Features:
  • Remote Operation (Start/ Stop, Target Pressure setting)
  • 3 Preset Target Pressures can be remotely selected
  • Weekly Programmable 28 Pressure settings scheduler
  • Special program to work with Centrifugal compressors to avoid surge
  • Optional PC connectivity