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1.    The hand-held screw machine is versatile and flexible, and is suitable for non-fixed operations.

2.    Dual sensors are used. Lock one by one. There is no repeated feeding phenomenon.

3.    The machine is 100% unstuck. Even if the screw is bad, the non-professionals can solve it quickly.

4.  It adopts roller method to feed, which is smaller in volume and noise than traditional vibrating feeder and lifter. Maintenance is more convenient.

The material of the material box is engineering plastic, which can reduce the damage to the screw coating. It can be placed on the workbench or under the table to save space.

5.    The torque is precise and easy to adjust, ensuring the locking quality.

6.   One screw in 0.5 seconds. How fast can lock, how fast is the lock, generally more than 60pcs / min (depending on the length of the screw).

7.    Convenient, do not need to grab the screw by hand, and instantly deliver it to the batch nozzle, one-handed operation.

8.    Short material intelligent alarm system, sound and light reminder.

9.    It is fast, because it completely eliminates the movement of the hand. Grab the screws, move, screw the screwdriver and other actions, there is no waiting time, just align the spiral hole lock spiral.

10.  It is clean, because the action of removing the screw is omitted, the secondary pollution of the product will not be caused by the stain generated when the screw is taken by hand, and the sweat is stained by the hand to make it more rust.

11.  The key components are selected from high-quality alloy steel materials and subjected to special heat treatment. All pneumatic and electrical components are imported original parts to ensure stable operation of the machine.

Device parameters:

Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Air pressure 0.4-0.6MPa
Effectiveness 60pcs/min (Depending on the length of the screw)
Working temperature  -20-40℃
Power 50W
Noise <55db
Conveying distance 2-4m
Screw pocket capacity M3X6 standard screws 3000pcs
Dimensions 350x250x240mm
Weight 12kg
Applicable screw

Screw diameter 2.0-6.0

Screw length to diameter ratio L / D ≥ 1.2

Torque adjustment range 0.2-0.78mm
Electric screwdriver KILEWS Screwdriver

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