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1.   The machine is made of all-aluminum professional mold profiles and has a streamlined appearance.

2.   Single electric batch and double station, the product pick-and-place time is parallel with the lock time, and the efficiency is the highest.

3.   Support pre-process placement, post-process removal, and low-cost unattended operation.

4.   The speed is about 20% faster than the average level of equipment in the same industry, less than 1.3 s / screw.

5.   Scope of application: screw locks for various small electronic products, such as mobile phones, digital products, electronic products, etc.

Device parameters:

Equipment size Can be customized (standard size: 331, 441,   551)
Drive mode Precision closed loop stepping
Positioning accuracy ± 0.02mm
Rail HIWIN silver slide
Program storage Support 200 products
Control System High-end PLC+ touch screen control system /   embedded   motion controller
Screw treatment method Vacuum suction / blowing type
Screw feeder HIOS or Quicher
Electric batch HIOS or KILEWS
Power supply 220VAC, 50Hz
Air source 0.4mpa-0.8mpa
Equipment weight 60kg

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